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What Price Success?

To the radio stations that accepted paid or unpaid schedules from Media Matters attacking Rush Limbaugh, his show, and free speech, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Why are you working in an industry that has respected free speech, built its success on the freedom of speech and clearly must protect that right to maintain credibility, acceptance, and pride? Why? Those broadcasters who built, and maintain this industry over the course of their careers I am sure are appalled.

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Getting television newscasts on the right page

For the last “quite some time” there has been a disconnect between legitimate television news operations and pretenders. The difference being the pretenders are full of special features, not special reports--predictability, rather than spontaneity; promotional segments rather than news segments. The audience is deluged with this soft news, has grown weary of it, and it’s showing up as declining ratings.

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What makes a good Local Sales Manager?

The impact of a Local Sales Manager on station growth and market growth cannot be overlooked. This position should not be set up as just someone to make accompanied calls or as the fireman, the closer, though these are important roles for the position. Good LSM's are hard to find, so keep them happy if you have a good one.

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Today's Broadcast General Manager

In most respects, it has always been a tough, demanding and often criticized job: that of a broadcast General Manager. The broadcast General Manager has all of the responsibilities senior management positions have in other industries; tasked with financial concerns, lender concerns, upper management concerns, concerns of employees and customers.

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