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"Mike knows the business from bottom to top and helps an organization rise to what is possible without getting bogged down with the how it's always done type of thinking. Mike is a winner."

Stan E. HubbardChariman & CEO Reelzchannel

“Mike has the best natural grasp of what we do of anyone I have known.”

Ed TurnerFormer Executive Vice President CNN

"I just read your article on the role of the TV/Radio General Manager and found it to be spot on. Your insight for the position and your inclinations about how to go about doing it, were textbook lessons on what needs to be done daily to make one of these stations work."

Pat DalbeyPresident/General Manager WLEX Lexington, Kentucky

“I have worked with Mike over many years. He possesses all the virtues of a winner with a proven track record; motivator, mentor, educator, persistence, fairness, and loyalty. One only has to look at Mike's success during his career as a Broadcaster. From building sales teams to building successful television news operations, the results are self explanatory.”

Val NapolitanoPresident and CEO Pertry Television New York City, NY.

“I’ve known Mike DeLier for many years and discussed numerous projects with him. I’ve always been impressed with Mike's ability to affect positive change within an organization and total dedication to achieving the desired outcome.”

Bob EmmertPartner McCarthy Capital Corp. Boston MA.

“Mike built a cadre of highly motivated department heads who marched to his very quick pace which was always punctuated by overcoming obstacles within, building lasting business relationships with key advertisers by direct involvement in the entire salesprocess and tasking the news staff to win every story every news cast every day.”

Rich AdamsCOO Hoak Media Corporation Dallas, TX.

“I have witnessed in a short time how Mike changed the attitude of the stations he handled as a group vice president from going through the motions to teams of highly motivated individuals. Mike oversaw the day to day operation of his group and enhanced news and sales in all markets and grew the value of those properties. Mike DeLier is the best!”

Ron CrowderFormer COO Communications Corporation of America

"I have known Mike DeLier for many years. I have always been impressed by his integrity, knowledge and passion for broadcasting. I have worked with Mike as FCC counsel to stations that he has owned and worked for, and believe him to be an enthusiastic and aggressive operator. Mike's wealth of experience brings significant value to the table."

Frank R. JazzoCo-Managing Member Fletcher, Heald and Hildreth Arlington, VA.

“Mike keeps his hand in all departments and knows how they should function together. He's not a man who's first impulse is to delegate. Mike understands what a #1 station looks like and most importantly understands how to get it there.”

Jon JanesNews Director WIBW-TV Topeka, Kansas.

“Mike, I have to tell you that I learned more from you in one year than I had in my previous twenty two year career in this business. Your knowledge of how this business truly works plus your study of the psychology of the clients and sales person should be TV 101 for every GSM in the country.”

Bob DowdenSales Manager KTVE-TV Monroe, LA.

“Having worked for and with many different managers, Mike's candid and aggressive leadership style has been the most inspiring and easy to follow. Mike DeLier knows the business and he knows how to lead.”

Doug BardenNews Director KBAK-TV Bakersfield, CA.

“Mike's knowledge of the radio and television broadcast industry is comprehensive. Throughout his career Mike has successfully formulated strategic initiatives to drive profit. His marketing acumen, sales ability and management skills are superior to other consultants that I have engaged.”

Andrew ClendenenManaging Director Briarwood Consulting LLC Dallas, TX.